ILB Education

Parents' Testimonials

"Ian is at all times, focused, professional and enthusiastic. Would not hesitate to recommend Ian who provided exceptional advice and support to ourselves and our daughter."
Parent (Summer 2021)
"Emily was very shy and had no confidence... her education suffered greatly... In the very short time Mr Birkin had Emily, she not only caught up with the class but also found the confidence to join in with class discussions and activities... Mr Birkin brought Emily out and turned her life around... Mr Birkin is one fantastic teacher, he understands the children's needs and brings out the best in every child. I found my daughters wanting to learn and remembering everything Mr Birkin taught them. Mr Birkin is a very special man and teacher."
"A big thank you for all you have done for Mandy this year. She has done so well in your class."
John and Jane
"Just to say, 'Many Thanks' for all the help and support you have given to Rose."
"Tom is going to miss you a lot, and he loved you as a teacher. Thank you very much for all your help and support you have given him."
"I feel that he has been very happy with Mr Birkin as his teacher, which in turn has brought out the best from Jason... I think Jason has been at his happiest at school since he started so thank you."

*Names have been changed for safeguarding reasons but all the words shown are those written by the parents concerned.