ILB Education

School Leaders' Testimonials

"Many thanks for the excellent course you delivered... I really appreciated your willingness to step in at the last minute and your thorough approach. The feedback was certainly encouraging and definitely well deserved."
Later, following further training being delivered by Ian, she added, "It is likely that there will be other opportunities for skilled practitioners like yourself. I hope you will consider being part of this as your delivery of the last course was superb."
Local Authority Education Service
"Mr Birkin (is) a very enthusiastic and energetic class teacher and senior manager... particularly successful in re-defining the role of the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator, to provide more focused support for staff and pupils... he provided effective support and guidance to colleagues. In staff and management meetings Mr Birkin was very proactive in implementing strategies designed to secure high standards... Mr Birkin worked diligently to support and extend the school's monitoring and evaluation strategies. He understood and fully embraced the school's priority of further raising the quality of teaching and learning.
"Mr Birkin established an effective rapport with staff, governors and parents soon after taking up his post. The role of ICT co-ordinator and SENCO provided him with ample opportunities to communicate effectively with staff and develop appropriate relationships. He was particularly astute in recognising and acknowledging individuals' achievements, and in developing his skills as a team builder. Mr Birkin's management style was very much a collaborative one, within which he had high expectations of himself and others... I found him to be a very sincere, dedicated and supportive deputy headteacher."
Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector
"Good pace of session, well prepared and planned. Resources well prepared and organised appropriately... obvious knowledge of Numeracy... progress consolidated throughout, developed ideas."
"He has taught all the age groups in school... I have found Mr Birkin to be supportive and flexible... regularly takes assemblies... was quick to take on the teaching of challenging children... organisational and administrative skills are good."
"... very well prepared with a stimulating range of activities for the children. Towards the end of the lesson I tested a number of the children to see if they had understood the content of the lesson and they all had. The pace of the lesson was excellent with just the right amount of time being left for each activity."
Headteacher (English Lesson Observation)
"... Once again, the preparation was excellent and the children were all involved in the discussion prior to the drawing... Towards the end of the lesson it was easy to observe that the children had grasped the teaching point of the lesson.
"In both lessons the children were being taught something and not merely being allowed to experience something without any conclusion being drawn. It should also be noted that the standard of presentation by the children was very high."
Headteacher (Art Lesson Observation)
"... he has a clear understanding of current issues... I have been aware of his commitment and dedication. His business background has given Ian additional skills which he has found valuable in the management of various educational establishments. His sense of humour and interest in music are assets which make him popular with pupils and colleagues alike."
Education Consultant
"Lesson managed with a variety of approaches, which varied the pace and maintained interest. Children were praised regularly and encouraged positively. Resources prepared well."
Team Leader
"I enjoyed working with Ian in my role as a class teacher. At the time he was both deputy and acting head teacher. I found his management style both inclusive and collaborative. He was readily available to report to and very encouraging. I found Ian both motivational and supportive to me, particularly in my role as music coordinator."

*All of the words shown above were written by the named professionals.